Each of our locations have a cozy, comfortable room where our infants are taken care of daily. Our infant room contains not only a lot of colorful, stimulating toys but also lots of TLC. It is not uncommon to walk into this room and find an infant being rocked while being fed their bottle. The Staff in our infant rooms are trained in infant/child CPR and Pediatric First aid procedures. They also continue to keep themselves up to date on child practices and trainings throughout the year.

As you walk into our infant room, you will see a crib for each child under the age of ten months, a rocking chair, swings, exer-saucers, high chairs and/or infant feeding tables, a changing table and many age appropriate toys. The infants have a chance to interact with each other as well as with our caregivers who encourage them to walk and talk.

We feel that it is important that our caregivers that care for the infants are consistent and knowledgeable about the infants as individuals. Communication with you, the parent, is key. Daily logs are kept on each child detailing their eating schedules, naps and diaper changes. At the time of drop off and pick up as well as throughout the day, the caregivers are always available to talk to give details about your child’s day and for you to ask questions if they should arise.